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Furniture has historically been a fashion business. However with a suspect economy, traditional furniture retailers became reluctant to “think outside the box.” Unintentionally, they invited trendy niche companies into the arena of home furnishings. However, even these nationally branded, niche retailers were hamstrung by the fact they needed to offer consistent cookie cutter merchandise to facilitate catalogs and national advertising.

It was my belief there remained a huge segment of the population that still wanted ultimate fashion. My definition of ultimate fashion is items that are completely unique and unable to be found anywhere else in the world. With this belief in mind, I set out to make direct contacts in different regions of the world, so One of a Find could offer the most unique home furnishings at the most affordable prices possible.

You will now find displayed in our stores hundreds of the most unique home furnishings on earth.

Store Locations

One of a Find is currently serving Michigan from our Novi location. Our first store opened in Grand Rapids in January of 2013. After developing and fine tuning our model, we relocated our store to our current Novi location.

Community and the Environment

One of a Find is concerned with our local community as well as the world. One of a Find is active in community outreach programs such as the Nickel Pickle Run. This run is an event designed to promote autism awareness. For more information visit

One of a Find is also concerned with the health of the earth and its people. We will only purchase from countries and businesses that adhere to acceptable labor practices, and meet all U.S. and Asian initiatives related to environment renewal. One of a Find is intent on supporting the re-purposing of the earth’s natural resources. Most of the furniture at One of a Find is constructed from reclaimed lumber, which provides a unique texture and patina, while giving building materials a second life.


In addition to the unique items sourced from around the world, One of a Find offers brands familiar to the design community. Names such as Century, Canadel, Arteriors, John Richard and Dovetail to name a few, are available to complete any design project. To put all of this together, One of a Find has numerous designers expert in the arenas of color, texture and space.


One of a Find is always looking for new talent. If you have a passion for design and a desire to interact with other also passionate about the latest in home furnishings, please visit with us and let us speak to you about available opportunities. We are at the beginning of something big and we would like for you to join us in our journey.

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