Fall is here!  Cool nights, changing colors, shorter days. For many, fall is a sad reminder that winter is on its way and that summer is over.  But for many—including me—fall is the favorite season of all!!

So often we decorate outside for fall.  Maybe, just maybe we (both fans of fall and those not so happy about the season) could use some seasonal interior decorating updates around the home.  One or two fall decorating projects can help us embrace the season.  Try using the warm colors of fall—oranges, reds, golds, browns, burgundies—to spruce up your rooms for fall.  Most are easy and inexpensive!


Fall Botanicals

A new arrangement featuring fall foliage near your entry can say “welcome” to visitors during the season.  It can be as simple as vibrant-colored leaves from your yard artfully displayed in a simple container wrapped in burlap.


Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!

Supplement or substitute “fall” pillows on sofas and chairs.  A few new pillows with texture and patterns can make your seating areas look new!pillows

Table Tops

The glass pumpkins are all the rage!  They come in all different colors, sizes, and shapes.  On a dining table, on a mantle, on a side table, in multiples or singular—anywhere you can imagine!pumpkins


Don’t forget the “5th wall”—your floor!  A new area rug can transform the feeling in the room.  Try a rug—whatever your style—that warms up the space.  You’ll be ready for cider!rugs


Wall Color

If you are all in, consider actually painting a wall or two a beautiful warm color.   That would really transform things!  If painting is too much of a commitment, maybe experiment with removable wallpaper.  Yep, wallpaper!!  It’s back! After fall, you can remove it without damage to walls!


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