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What are your goals for 2019? Mine are to spend more time relaxing with my family. I’m not sure about you but, I feel like I’m always busy. We always have somewhere to be! For those precious times we have together I wanted to create the kind of space that invites people to sit together and watch the game, read a book together (they grow up so fast) or catch up on what’s happening in everyone's busy lives. I wanted to find the kind of room you couldn’t  just walk by. So lets check out what makes our inspiration room so inviting.

living room

Lets talk about this beautiful leather sectional. I love the look of the tufting. I’m a sucker for a chesterfield sofa. The fact that this one is a sectional with reclining ends just makes it perfect!


 Layer soft velvet pillows on the sofa, plush rugs to invoke texture, and pick accessories with hand-made details to pull the room together. Your walls should tell the perosnal story of your life! Choose artwork that connects you to the people, places and times when you are the happiest! Don't forget....artwork doesn't always need to match! For this room, I chose two of my personal favorites....horses and water.  What would you choose?

coffee table
pillow 1 - Copy
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pillow 2
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