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The Midwest is often given a bad rap for being behind the trends of the East or West Coast.  But the reality is, we march to the beat of our own Thrid Coast Style!  Michigan has the best of all of the scenic worlds.....the forests of  Eagle Harbor, the calm, clear inland lakes of Houghton, and the salt-free coastlines of Traverse City.  Our style here is not influenced by only one, but many flavors because of the variety of lifestyles we enjoy within only hours, and sometimes even minutes of each other.  You'll find an ecclectic mix of  home decor styles here reflecting each region, each season, and unique to our state, which is second-to-none in its vast array of outdoor beauty.

The Hunting Lodge


Michigan boasts some of the most picturesque untouched land in the continental United States. Think of the majestic Upper Peninsula with its rocky cliffs, flowing waterfalls, acres of towering trees, and seemingly endless options for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Your home doesn't have to be in the Upper Peninusula to look the part.  Start with elements of nature to bring the outdoors in. Let your natural surroundings inspire your decor.  Heavy wood furniture will anchor the space, and mirror the surrounding environment. Leather seating will give your living spaces a rustic look, and a welcoming feel. Choosing deep, over stuffed sofas and chairs will be comforting to you and your guests after long days of exploring trails and nature. Sit back and kick up your feet in front of your roaring fire, and enjoy a cup of coffee or a hot toddy. When you choose your accessories, let your hobbies lead the way! Whether it's hiking, hunting, or fishing, feel free to surround yourself with remnants reflecing your favorite outdoor activities.  Soften the space with the warm glow of candles in a rustic lantern.

The Cottage


Michigan is full of quant little towns. Along the coasts travelers and locals can wander though little shops, great restaurants, local wineries and breweries.  Little cottages with welcoming porches make us all slow down and admire the flowers and wish we were gardeners. Light, airy, and fresh elements bring a quaint charm to this adorable home.  If you are looking to furnish your cottage or just want to get the look, here are some design elements. Begin with furniture that creates as much conversation as the front porch. Add fun whimsical art...think local artists, maybe from a local gallery, or an art fair. Sea grass and wicker will keep the dining room playful, and won't take up precious floor space. Wood coffee tables with thin legs will give the feel of extra space and keep the room light and bright. Go ahead and choose boldly colored accents that can change seasonally, like the porch.  Slip covers for the sofa are a laid back and easy to maintain option.

The Lake House


Lake living...almost everyone can agree that having a home on a lake is a life goal! We "Michiganders" are never more than 85 miles from one of the Great Lakes.  There are 3,288 miles of shoreline.  That's the most freshwater coastline in the US.  We have 11,000 inland lakes... that's a lot of water!

Whether you are inspired by the clear blue of Torch Lake, the vastness of Lake Superior, or the thousands of  inland lakes sprinkeld thoughout our great state, our coastlines offer all the inspiration your lake house needs...SHARK FREE! Soft neutral colors will invoke  images of our famous sand dunes, giving your home the feel of the surrounding landscape.

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